Spray Déclencheur Liquide Antirouille Original

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  • ÉLIMINE RAPIDEMENT LA ROUILLE : Le dissolvant à action rapide détruit la rouille, laissant le métal nu prêt à être apprêté
  • ACTION RAPIDE : Réagit chimiquement avec la rouille, ce qui facilite son retrait. Prêt à apprêter en 30 minutes
  • IDÉAL POUR UNE UTILISATION SUR : Automobile, carrosserie, châssis, passages de roues, outillage, vélos, bateaux, caravanes, portails, salon de jardin, etc.
  • ÉLIMINE LES FILMS D'OXYDE : Utiliser pour éliminer les films d'oxyde léger laissés sur les surfaces métalliques après le grenaillage ou le sablage
  • APPLICATION: Appliquer au pinceau, vaporiser ou plonger dans
  • COUVERTURE: Environ 8 m² par litre

Comme tous les produits JENOLITE, notre antirouille est simple à utiliser. Vaporisez simplement le liquide pour couvrir complètement la surface rouillée. Une fois appliqué, laissez le liquide pénétrer dans la rouille tout en travaillant avec une brosse métallique ou un accessoire de perceuse à brosse métallique. Pour maintenir la réaction active, ne laissez pas la surface sécher et réappliquez le produit si nécessaire. Cet antirouille est excellent pour traiter les quilles de bateaux et de yachts, les sous-châssis de caravanes et les portes de jardin.

Téléchargez les données techniques (TDS) et les fiches de données de sécurité du fabricant (MSDS).

  1. APPLY DIRECTLY TO RUST: Shake the bottle well, open the trigger spray to your desired formation and spray directly onto the rusted area. To ensure a full coverage, work well into any pitted areas, corners and edges using a brush. Ensure that exposed corners and edges are well-treated to avoid rust creep beneath. Keep Jenolite active by working in with a brush every 5 minutes and adding more if required. Do not allow the surface to dry out or become tacky. Vertical surfaces may require the most attention. Continue this process until all visible rust has turned dark grey in colour, at which point, wipe the surface dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. To ensure all rust has been successfully removed, brush away the dark grey residue with a wire brush/steel wool (if rust is still present thereafter, repeat the process as above until all rust has been removed).
  2. READY TO PRIME IN 30 MINUTES: After wiping dry, wait for 30 minutes, then apply Jenolite Primer or topcoat. For best results, prime same day. Always check product compatibility. If in doubt test a small area first.

Do not return excess Jenolite Rust Remover to the container. Wash brushes and equipment in clean water immediately after use. Splashes onto surrounding paintwork and skin should be washed off immediately with water.

  • Jenolite Liquid can be used to remove the light oxide films that are produced after shot blasting or grit blasting. Apply to the surface for 2 to 3 minutes and immediately wipe dry while still wet.
  • Jenolite Liquid can be used to derust components by immersion. A polythene tank can be used for immersion at ambient temperature. The degreased components are immersed in Jenolite Liquid, used as supplied until all the rust has been removed. The products are wiped dry immediately after immersion.
  • Good quality primers are recommended. It is not recommended that etch primers or Zinc Rich primers are used. If body fillers are used on Jenolite treated surfaces it is essential that all chemicals have been wiped away. If in doubt, wipe the Jenolite treated surface with a cloth and warm water and dry immediately. Check the compatibility of all products that are to be used after derusting.
  • Primers must also be compatible with top coats. When using epoxy paints or two packs it is advisable to use the products as for body fillers. When using Jenolite Rust Removers it is important that the metal surface treated is between 15 – 25 deg.c. Lower temperatures will increase derusting times. Extremely slow below 10 deg.c. For immersion in the liquid, the temperature of the liquid can be increased above 25 deg.c. to improve the derusting power. Metal surface temperatures above 25 deg.c. can result in the rust remover drying out prematurely leaving a black glazed coating. If this occurs, cool the surface by washing with water, abrade the surface to remove the black coating and reapply rust remover.
  • Any spillage or rust remover on sound painted surfaces not being refurbished should be washed off immediately with water. If white deposits appear on the derusted surface within one hour of drying it is due to humidity. Re-apply the rust remover for five minutes and immediately wipe dry.
  • None of the products will affect stainless steel, but are very effective in removing surface rust and blue scale from welded areas. After removal of the scale, rinse with water and dry the surface.
  • If creep corrosion is apparent from a rusty area on a painted surface, then the surrounding paint must be removed to remove all rust and treated accordingly. If nylon or acrylic etc. type components are attached to the rusty steel parts, avoid contact rust remover with the plastic as stress cracking of the plastic material could occur. Wash off any contact immediately with water.
  • Jenolite Rust Removers can be used for the treatment of non ferrous metals for removing oxide and tarnish films. Always rinse with water and dry after treatment.
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